Are you planning on installing Battery Energy Storage System? What are the risks associated with it?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that any battery installation has to respect HSE regulations to guarantee the safety of the equipment and the absence of risk for the surroundings. Any potential installation of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) would be done following every precaution and respecting HSE regulations.

Even though batteries were included in the layout for the planning application in North East Derbyshire, we are not planning to install any BESS in or around Alfreton. The planning application included this type of equipment because at that time we wanted to leave open the possibility of installing batteries. In the meantime, the grid network became very constraint and at this stage it is not possible to install storage systems because all available capacity has been booked. To avoid major changes to the planning application, which would have led to significant delays in the decision-making process, we have decided to leave the planning application unaltered and for this reason it still includes BESS. However, if we achieve planning consent, we are allowed to build less than what has been approved, and in this specific case we would not carry out the installation of BESS.

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