Alfreton Solar Farm

August 2020 – Pre-application request

The Council has provided Kronos Solar with indications regarding the important impacts that the project may have on the environment and that we have to take into account for our application.

September 2020 – Land Agreement

Together with the landowners, agreements have been made regarding ownership rights and duration.

September 2020 – First Draft of Design

A first proposal was designed together with qualified landscape architects, ecologists, archaeologists and other relevant specialists. This is a first draft which will be subject to your opinions and for the Council’s consideration.

October 2020 – Public Consultation Event

At the public consultation we hope to welcome you in order to answer any questions you may have as well as take into consideration your suggestions regarding the proposed project.

December 2020 – Formal Planning Application Submission

After receiving your comments and reviewing them, we aim to have all our documentation ready to submit a planning application for the proposed solar park.

December 2021 – Planning Permission refused

The Council validated the project and the plan was open to public inspection during the statutory judicial review period. After bringing the decision to Planning Committee, the Council decided to refuse the planning application.

Spring 2022 – Appeal

Following the refusal of the planning application by the Planning Committee, we decided to appeal the decision.

Spring 2023 – Construction

As soon as the financing is complete and all contracts with suppliers have been concluded, the construction phase can begin. The construction of the solar park will take approximately six months. During these months, various construction stages will be completed. These include the cabling, the installation of the fences, the placement of the modules, the connection of the substation and the installation of security measures.

Autumn 2023 – Begin of Operations

Once the solar farm has been constructed, the operational phase begins. The sustainably generated electricity is supplied to customers via the public electricity grid. Kronos Solar will have the ecological management carried out professionally by a (local) professional organisation. Faults will be resolved as quickly as possible and the farm will be maintained when necessary.

Summer 2055 – Decommissioning

After 40 years, the solar park will be dismantled and the plots will be delivered in their original state. The dismantling of the solar park will be carried out by an organisation that focuses entirely on the sustainable dismantling and recycling of solar panels.