The location of Alfreton Solar Farm

The intended project location is in the northern outskirts of the town of Alfreton and south of Shirland. The undulating landscape and already existing vegetation provide a natural enclosure for the solar farm, which will be even further enhanced through new hedges.

Our first criteria for favouring this location is the avoidance of protected areas and land of high agricultural value. Other criteria include a low ecological impact, coordination with the development policies of the local authorities, good solar radiation, and most importantly, having a nearby option for a grid connection.

Click on the image below to see the location.

Below is a map that shows some of the constraints relevant to the site.

What makes this location special?

Apart from all the technical and economic considerations underlying a solar farm, one of the most decisive aspects is its availability. We have carefully analyzed all of the criteria, and we believe this location is suitable because:

  • Impact on nearby homes and walkers can be mitigated through proper screening;
  • Natural hedges and well managed vegetation provide good screening and corridors for wildlife;
  • The agricultural quality of the terrain can be boosted through the passive use of the land;
  • Through the mitigation proposals, the ecology at the site will be enhanced;
  • It is in accordance with the local policies; and
  • The project contributes to the national Net Zero Target.