Introducing Alfreton Solar Park

Between the town of Alfreton and the village of Shirland

North East Derbyshire District Council and Amber Valley Borough Council have declared a climate emergency and support renewable energy developments within the context of their local plans. We believe that a solar farm fits their local policies and it would simultaneously contribute to the national Net Zero Target.

Kronos Solar intends to develop a solar farm on the boundary of these two districts, north of the town of Alfreton and south of the village of Shirland, and we give great importance to public participation during all phases of our projects. Part of this, is an ongoing consultation process.

By means of this website we would like to inform you about our plans and give you the opportunity to actively contribute to the design of the solar farm. We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions regarding any of the aspects of our proposal. This includes, for example, screening of the solar park or the provision of information around the park. The plans shown here are our initial idea, as well as the ideas that have been discussed with the Councils, but nothing is defined until we obtain a planning decision.

It was our intention to hold a public consultation; however, in the lilght of the Covid-19 situation, we understand that people were unwilling to attend a more formal exhibition. Therefore, we have continued to engage through the planning decision process and we will take people’s views and ideas into consideration. During the decision process, comments can be made through the planning application portal or through this website.

Because of the restrictions caused by Covid-19, we understand if you chose not to attend our public exhibition event. For this reason, we will offered a live virtual meeting on 11 February 2021, but all of the information we have proposed can be found on this website.